Welcome to SK Songs and Lyrics.

This is a small collection of original songs and lyrics that are available for use to recording artists, record companies, producers, film and television etc.

Our aim is to get each song to this stage and then hopefully it will be picked up ,continue it’s journey and continue to grow.

All the material is completely original and although a small catalogue at the moment it will slowly but surely grow as each idea comes to life.

About me

I started off just writing lyrics and had some good feedback from people within the music industry but at the same time was told that the lyrics needed to be heard as songs. 
I always had an idea of a melody for each song so the next step was to develop, produce and record them as demos.
approached vocal coach/arranger Mike King to learn more about arranging music and from our first meeting it has been a fruitful partnership. We continued to team up and work on each song as the ideas emerge. 
All songs are written and produced by Steve Kelly and Mike King with vocals by Steve Kelly. Carol King guest vocals on some songs and the duet vocals on “Without You” are by Sue White. I’m not really a singer but someone has to sing the songs initially, having said that I do occasionally perform live for fun and also at some charity events. 
Check out Mike’s website www.mycoolking.com There seems to be no end to his talents and achievements and the work he does for various charities is highly commendable.